Bunaken and Lembeh Strait 09/2008

Lembeh Strait 12/2008

Lembeh Strait 03/2009


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During september 2008 I travelled for the second time to North-Sulawesi,Indonesia. I had planned to dive one week
with Simone Gerritsens divecentre Thalassa and one full week at the divecentre of Lembeh Resort, Lembeh.
Both are very professional divecentres with the best guides I've ever had. If you want to see something
and it's "in-season"--then they'll do their very best to find what you are looking for.


In december 2008 I  returned to Lembeh again. This time with a new camera (Canon 50D) and a new
housing for the camera: a Hugyfot. I had read some reviews about both and I was anxious of trying it.
The first results are on the site now. It was a real pleasure working with them both. I already was used to the
Canon DSLR's, but this 50D works very nice and fast!! The housing is in comparison with the Ikelite a lot
smaller and less weight, which is of course very pleasant when travelling.

In 2009 I will start courses for absolute beginners with compact-camera or DSLR (up to semi-professional).
The only thing that's absolutely necessary is that your camera can produce RAW-images to work with the white-balance. A very important item for the underwater-photography.
If you want to stay informed--just keep an eye on my website--as soon as I know more I'll let people know.

Enjoy the pictures!!